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Is your company up to date with OSHA regulations regarding Protective Equipment Testing?

OSHA Standards:

1910.137 - Electrical Protective Devices - General Industry Standards


Electrical protective equipment shall be subjected to periodic electrical tests ... in accordance with … Table I-6 [which requires that rubber insulating gloves be inspected and tested before first issue and every 6 months thereafter].

1910.268 - Electrical Protective Devices - Telecommunications


The employer is responsible for the periodic retesting of all insulating gloves, blankets, and other rubber insulating equipment. This retesting shall be electrical, visual and mechanical. The following maximum retesting intervals shall apply: Gloves, blankets, and other rubber insulating equipment … [of] Natural rubber … [if] New 12 months … [if] Re-issued 9 months.

If not.....  Then let POWER TECH Test and Certify your equipment.

Specialized Testing:
Rubber Gloves.
Insulated Blankets.
Hot Sticks.
Line Hoses.
Insulated Hoods.

Outstanding Service:

All testing is performed by highly trained personnel.
Each glove and sleeve is individually ID-labeled to insure proper return to Customer.
All items are carefully inspected for any damage or wear.
All tests are performed in accord with OSHA rulings and ASTM standards.
Customers are provided detailed test sheets.
All passing items are stamped and promptly returned to customer.
Items failing test and inspection (rejects) are clearly marked and returned to customer.
Replacement services are also available upon request from customer.


Complete Protective Equipment Services:

POWER TECH provides certified dielectric high-voltage testing services for both new and used protective equipment. Protective equipment can fail for a number of reasons. Don't put off the safety of your employees. Contact us with regarding your specific Protective equipment needs: info@ptsbtr.com.


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