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OCB, Air, SF6
Oil Analysis


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Oil Analysis and PCB Analysis:

A. Sample Insulating Liquid (Laboratory Tested)

Dielectric Strength.
Acid Neutralization Number.
Interfacial Tension.
Power Factor (optional).
PPM water (only required on units above 69KV).
Dissolved Gas Analysis.
Flash Point.
Specific Gravity.

B. Sample Insulating Liquid for PCB

C. Reconditioning Used Insulating Oil

Filtering using cartridge filter.
Other Oil filtering systems available as requested.


Complete Oil Analysis Services:

POWERTECH offers a complete line of oil analysis services. An equipped Inspection Service Vehicle operated by an experienced POWERTECH Technician is prepared to provide advisory technical services, perform tests and recommend repair all on site. Contact us with regarding your specific Oil Analysis needs: info@ptsbtr.com.


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