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Smart Trip Curve (click here)

Smart Trip Functions:

Long Time - Programmable from 50 to 100 percent of the sensor rating in one percent increments.
Long Time Delay - Five programmable time bands.
Short Time - Programmable from off to 12 times in steps of 1.
Short Time Delay - Five programmable time bands.
Instantaneous - Programmable from off to 15 times in steps of 1.
Ground Fault - Programmable from 20% to 60% pickup and four time bands.
Thermal Memory - Allows the Trip device to operate similar to a thermal overload relay.
Zone Interlock Function - Programmable on or off.
I 2 T Functions - Programmable on or off.

Smart Trip Features:

Microprocessor based.
User Programmable - The settings are accessed via three high quality membrane switches on the front panel.
Security Key - This prevents the unauthorized tampering of the programmed functional settings.
True RMS Sensing - The Smart Trip digitally samples each individual phase and ground signal for the accurate measurement of their RMS value. Thereby eliminating nuisance trip problems caused by harmonics.
LCD Display - The custom display provides all the necessary information needed to determine what type of overload condition existed prior to tripping.
Percent Load Meter - You can select and display any phase or ground current and even display the peak AMP demand while operating.

Performance in Service:

Ambient conditions and length of service have little effect on the performance of the Smart Trip device. The circuits are stable and will show excellent repeatability over long periods of time. Service involving frequent operations will not cause the characteristics to change or drift, since there are no moving mechanical parts to wear or bearings to lubricate.

Smart Trip devices are tolerant of dusty conditions and will function properly in many areas the would affect mechanical trip devices. The circuit boards and components inside the trip device are coated to exclude moisture and many corrosive atmospheres. How ever POWER TECH should be consulted when the application involves a particularly severe environments.

The size of the Smart Trip was designed so that it would fit on all major manufacture's low voltage circuit breakers without any mounting problems. POWER TECH can retro-fit your existing breakers with the Smart Trip which will give you the versatility and extended range of settings that was previously not available in any trip unit intended for the retro fit market. 

Contact us regarding any questions about Smart Trip or for pricing. info@ptsbtr.com.


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