Why use POWER TECH for your UPS service?

  • Experienced technicians with years of UPS testing and repair.
  • Full range of tests can determine a wide range of problems (overcharging, excessive cycling, high temperature operation, etc.)
  • Full line of services offered (repair, replacement of batteries, etc.)
  • Authorized service company for Mitsubishi UPS.
  • Service and repair of all other brands of UPS (Liebert, Cyberex, Berga, Deltec, Emerson, Toshiba).

A typical valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) multicell battery differs from the typical vented cell in that the container is sealed, preventing electrolyte additions and sampling and opaque precluding visual inspection of the internal components. This then limits the maintenance of the cell to checks of the float charging voltage and current, battery temperature and periodic performance capacity tests. POWER TECH is prepared to handle all of your UPS needs.

An equipped Inspection Service Vehicle operated by an experienced POWER TECH Technician is prepared to provide UPS Services on site. Once the inspection is complete a detailed report is submitted to the client outlining ALL of the trouble areas discovered. Contact us with regarding your specific UPS needs: RESCOTT@PTSBTR.COM.