Switchgear Services

Complete Switchgear Services:

No matter what brand of switchgear you own POWER TECH can repair or service it. From complete rebuilds to preventive maintenance POWER TECH is the company to call. Switchgear like any other piece of equipment needs a regular preventive maintenance service. Especially if your switchgear is outside or in an area that is not environmentally controlled. Don’t let your expensive electrical equipment deteriorate because of neglect. Below is a summary of what POWER TECH can do for you.

Visual and Mechanical Inspection:

  • Inspect for physical damage and clean.
  • Compare equipment nameplate information with latest single line diagram.
  • Inspect for proper alignment, anchorage and grounding.
  • Check tightness of accessible bolted bus joints.
  • Key interlock systems shall be physically tested to insure proper function.
  • All doors, panel and sections inspected for damage.

Electrical Test:

  • Insulation resistance test.
  • Contact resistance test between bus joints.

Other Services:

  • Complete startup and checkout services.
  • Rebuilding and repair of burnout sections.

POWER TECH offers a complete line of Switchgear services. An equipped Inspection Service Vehicle operated by an experienced POWER TECH Technician is prepared to provide advisory technical services, perform tests and recommend repair all on site. Contact us with regarding your specific Switchgear needs: RESCOTT@PTSBTR.COM.